Wracked [verb]

Definition of Wracked:


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Sentence/Example of Wracked:

His body trembled with fear, his head was wracked by a burning pain.

The feeling of unfulfillment that had wracked him constantly was giving way.

Tears streamed from his eyes; his heart was wracked with woe.

Mike wracked his brain for a means of speeding up the Space Queen.

He wracked his brains in a vain effort to discover what was going to happen to him.

Don't roll your eyes so--I don't mean dat we's going to be wracked.

And he would die, alone, wracked by the ailment he had introduced into the human line.

Wracked with agony, she gazes about at the sea of hostile faces––not one stray iota of sympathy in that Dark Hour.

And now we must redouble our fight against the persistent inflation that has wracked our country for more than a decade.

Every muscle and sinew in me was wracked, while I stood in a driving wind and freezing rain.