Wraith [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wraith:

In the strange illumination of the search beams he seemed the wraith of a scarecrow.

Across the stair she wavered, a wraith blown across the gulf of time.

They had him, but it was like getting hold of an apparition, a wraith, a portent.

Was she a woman or a wraith, this slender thing swaying in the candle-light?

This apparition of a friend has in the Scotch wraith, or Irish fetch its counterpart.

Sometimes he smiled at her; sometimes at the wraith in the rafters.

How could this wraith, this apparition, do us physical injury!

A wraith of Tako was there, stricken as though numbed by surprise….

I think it was the image of my robust self as a wraith that did it.

He was not a wraith, no grisly spectre, no half-nebulous Shape.