Wraithlike [adjective]

Definition of Wraithlike:

unable to be seen; hidden

Opposite/Antonyms of Wraithlike:

Sentence/Example of Wraithlike:

He is a wraithlike double of Olivier, already able to reckon up all values.

The young moon shed only a wan and wraithlike radiance over the plain.

His body was so frail, so wraithlike, that one almost expected to see through it the magnificent tapestries on the walls.

He called down maledictions on those two strange, impassive, wraithlike forms hardly more than half seen in the darkness and fog.

But it is a wraithlike thing, and undulates and falls before our eyes like flames that have neither redness nor heat.

But it did not quite vanish; it held its wraithlike outlines, and in a moment began sliding silently backward.

He moved quickly in that direction, saw now a wraithlike figure in white.

Another second passed; it was visibly growing tenuous, wraithlike!

Here were associations almost living, they were so vivid, yet wraithlike in sheer removedness.

Her dress flickered and flashed through the trees beside the track; it was a wraithlike streak in the twilight.