Wreaks [verb]

Definition of Wreaks:

force, cause

Synonyms of Wreaks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wreaks:

Sentence/Example of Wreaks:

It had gripped savagely hold of him and was about to wreak upon him some terrific hurt.

Here was some thing, not wood nor iron, upon which to wreak his hate.

Roderic was inflamed with anger and disgust; but he had none, upon whom to wreak his revenge.

And to think that you should be the man on whom he was to wreak his treachery.

Is there, then, no way to wreak the just revenge of a broken heart?

It was evidently the last effort of the outlaws to wreak vengeance as they left.

Of all the vengeances a man can wreak on another the weakest is to kill him.

Tell me where she is, that I may go to her and wreak my vengeance upon her!

They did not know what sort of ruin he purposed to wreak as the climax of his performance.

A double mission has been entrusted to us, to be happy and to wreak vengeance.