Wrenched [verb]

Definition of Wrenched:

jerk, force violently

Synonyms of Wrenched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrenched:

Sentence/Example of Wrenched:

He leaped toward Garson—would have wrenched the pistol from the other's grasp.

"I will go," snarled Holknecht, and he wrenched from my grasp and darted toward the door.

He found a waving foot with his right hand; wrenched it mightily.

To give it to Thee I have wrenched it from all worldly affection.

He had wrenched them severely, how severely he scarcely dared think.

But he had it wrenched from his hands ere he could launch it.

He wrenched the door open, and went out on that, leaving her cold and sick with dread.

The intricate mechanism had been wrenched into twisted pieces.

"You can come—" began Bell, wrenched by the gaiety on Ortiz's face.

Lambert did some hard thinking for a little while, so hard that it wrenched him to the marrow.