Wrestles [verb]

Definition of Wrestles:

struggle physically or mentally with something

Synonyms of Wrestles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrestles:

Sentence/Example of Wrestles:

Two stand up to wrestle, and are on the point of coming to blows.

If it hadn't a bin in Henry's house I'd took a wrestle out of him.

He was up on his hind legs, and it was a wrestle between master and dog.

They were taught to box, to wrestle, to throw the discus, and to hurl the spear.

Did I like to go there, or did I strive and wrestle with the power that forced me?'

He would then drag Therese along with him, provoking her to wrestle, to roll in the grass.

He had to wrestle with himself not to take her in his arms and comfort her.

Yet law was the giant he had undertaken to wrestle with, and he kept his grip.

Wrestle as he would he 387 could not finish it––the rhymes were against him––it would not come right.

He looked hard at me; I hard at him; it was as if we were going to wrestle for a belt.