Wretchedly [adverb]

Definition of Wretchedly:


Synonyms of Wretchedly:

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Sentence/Example of Wretchedly:

The Earthmen were pitifully few, only thirty of them, and wretchedly armed.

It was all wretchedly unconstitutional—of this there is no doubt.

These last must be wretchedly unwholesome in the brief rainy season.

The tears swam to her eyes and wretchedly and yet thankfully she wept.

The service was wretchedly conducted; hardly any music, and not a flower to speak of.

And as I stood there wretchedly a timid little hand touched my arm.

I am grieved to find that you are so wretchedly low-spirited.

For a moment that thought made me utterly and wretchedly homesick.

I was wretchedly nervous when they did come and brave a face-to-face meeting.

On asking how I had slept, and when I said wretchedly, she demanded an explanation.