Wriggled [verb]

Definition of Wriggled:

maneuver out of; wiggle

Synonyms of Wriggled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wriggled:


Sentence/Example of Wriggled:

There it stood quite still, except that the snakes continued to wriggle.

But being small Pee-wee was able to wriggle out of almost anything.

Tamils old and young move when they laugh or even smile; in fact they wriggle.

Then he allowed it to wriggle about until in time its head faced the Englishmen.

You have to lie flat on your stomach, and wriggle about as if you were swimming.

Then I saw him wriggle out of danger, backing away like a crab.

Tess raised the wire once more for Pete's body to wriggle under.

That made Bat grunt and grumble and wriggle; and finally uncover, too.

Sometimes they stay right, sometimes they wriggle up sideways.

But you can wriggle yourself out of your Father's hand, if you will.