Wrinkled [adjective]

Definition of Wrinkled:


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Sentence/Example of Wrinkled:

The healthy and the young might read a lesson on her blanched and wrinkled cheek.

Her ivory forehead was wrinkled charmingly in a little frown of obstinacy.

One was an elderly savage, with a wrinkled, shrewd countenance.

You will become fat and wrinkled and old just like the other women who were young when you were young.

Peppajee eyed him comprehendingly, but there was no yielding in his brown, wrinkled face.

Also, your garments are as wrinkled as though you'd been put through a wringer.

And the leader of the party wore the wrinkled brow of tribulation.

His face was wizen and wrinkled, his faded blue eyes dim and weak-looking.

Why did you have to marry her to such a wrinkled old gardener?

Her face glowed with rosy color, yet her forehead was wrinkled with care.