Wrinkling [noun]

Definition of Wrinkling:

crinkle, fold

Synonyms of Wrinkling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrinkling:

Sentence/Example of Wrinkling:

He said if they was any longer they'd wrinkle under the arms.

It had become a grimace that creased every wrinkle into prominence.

They wrinkle up their upper lips to leave their fangs exposed.

It seemed as if that kiss smoothed every wrinkle of worry from the man's brow.

The third might have been in a wrinkle of the bag, without your feeling it!

It is a wrinkle which, possibly, I may some day play off in turn upon their own countrymen.

How well she knew every wrinkle in that paper, every curve in the clumsy superscription.

He was gracious and added a wrinkle between his brows, and said "Gosh!"

There was not a wrinkle in my face—this was several years ago, remember.

She is without a wrinkle, and appears to be no more than forty.