Wrinkly [adjective]

Definition of Wrinkly:

uneven, irregular

Synonyms of Wrinkly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrinkly:

Sentence/Example of Wrinkly:

Mr. Benjamin has a wrinkly smile, and Mrs. Benjamin is so understanding.

You've got a beard, and your forehead is all criss-cross and wrinkly, and your chin rough.

And they had such romantic, crinkly, wrinkly, leathery faces.

The stiff, wrinkly oil-painting must be hard and cold to cry into.

He thrust out his long arm and snatched his wrinkly vest from a chair.

She says things under her breath when she thinks nobody will hear, and she makes up my bed so it is all wrinkly.

Something wiggily, and black and yellow and red-spotted with wrinkly legs and a long snaky neck and head.

His coat was smooth and glossy, not rough and wrinkly like Old Rattlers, and his upraised head was small and pretty—for a snake.

"I should think it would be a great bother to cut the wool from a Merino when he is so wrinkly," suggested Donald thoughtfully.

Home, and children that need you, and depend on you to keep them alive, and turn to you with their wrinkly little smiles.