Writers [noun]

Definition of Writers:

person who composes with language

Synonyms of Writers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Writers:


Sentence/Example of Writers:

For further information the reader is referred to other writers.

It is respect for that wish which here stays the present writers' pen.

Nor is the remark true only of the writers of Elizabeth's period, or of the country of England.

Your writers here tell how the poor live, and that sort of thing.

You need friends who are writers, you need a lot of fresh ideas to tone you up.

They consist of beggars, mechanics, writers, and even artists.

That is what writers of tragedy have been showing, ever since the Greeks!

But as for the Writers, he never look'd for them further than his own time.

On the King's side, however, the writers were just as effective.

He has done more to explain Greek thought than all other writers put together.