Writes [verb]

Definition of Writes:

put language down on paper

Opposite/Antonyms of Writes:







Sentence/Example of Writes:

His pockets are full of filthy paper on which he writes from time to time.

Often they wished to go to a place, but were prevented, as Paul writes, Rom.

Also of the inner court he writes of '4 Toures, wherof the Kepe is one.'

But they know nothing of it yet—at least from the way Hester writes!

Southey is as hale as ever, and writes with his usual diligence.

Among other matters he writes this: 'I warn all brethren in England to be careful.

Arthur, whom we expect every day, writes us word that all search for him has been in vain.

"I am waking up these boys for 1872," writes the valuable phenomenon.

It's only to tell him she has changed her address—he only writes to me on Sunday nights.

He who writes for cursory reading is wise if he writes cursorily.