Writhed [verb]

Definition of Writhed:

contort; toss back and forth

Synonyms of Writhed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Writhed:

Sentence/Example of Writhed:

The enemy collapsed at his feet and writhed helplessly on the floor.

"I cannot, I cannot," Fauchery kept repeating as he writhed to get free.

Gore could not see, but as he writhed he knew he was in the grip of the pirate captain.

His face was aflame with joy, and he writhed and shook like one who hath a devil.

Poor Jed, miserable and most unreasonably conscience-stricken, writhed in his chair.

He writhed as he spoke, and for an instant his features were distorted.

He writhed and roared in his anguish of both flesh and spirit.

"Peter Godolphin," came the answer from lips that writhed in a curious smile.

They had great nets of rope in which were living things that struggled and writhed.

She writhed to free herself, but her efforts made no impression.