Writhing [adjective]

Definition of Writhing:


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Sentence/Example of Writhing:

They struggled in this manner with a rattling in their throats, writhing in the horror of their caresses.

"We've thought of you often," said Mr. Mudge, writhing his harsh features into a smile.

But it was only the Serpent-son of Loki writhing in his wrath.

Writhing in suppressed agony, the man fell imploringly on his knees.

Then he came close, catching in his strong grasp her writhing hands.

He had been writhing in his rawhide bonds, in a furious struggle to break loose.

And he flung Frank headlong into the clutch of the writhing vine!

After writhing for a time I was accompanied to our surgeon in the rear.

He then gave his attention to the writhing figure under him.

Dark slid to the floor, writhing, gasping, clutching his stomach.