Writings [noun]

Definition of Writings:

printing on paper

Synonyms of Writings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Writings:


Sentence/Example of Writings:

I must tell you, to keep your writings concealed so cunningly.

Even now his writings, so popular in their day, are little known.

Often have I heard her say that to read your writings was like talking to an early friend.

With your own salary, and your friend's, and your writings, you'd make—ah!

The best, because the most genuine, biography of Burns is furnished by his own writings.

This clearness and order of arrangement was, he observed, the glory of Luther's writings.

And yet no scientific authority has ever been claimed for these sacred Hebrew writings.

But the writings and readings of men will not be enough to ensure this.

A few delighted to study the writings of the ancient Greeks.

Many of them also ceased to read the writings of the ancient Romans.