Wrongdoings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wrongdoings:

That the exposure of his wrongdoings had caused him much worry there could be no doubt.

His book is a glaring reflection upon the wrongdoings and vices of men.

When he found he could not live much longer, he sent for his father to implore forgiveness for his wrongdoings.

What poor excuses would therefore be accidental or slight injuries, just penalties for our wrongdoings and imaginary grievances!

But as far as wrongdoings, there is not one wrong thing that happened as far as our department is concerned.

Papa said very little, for he seemed to understand the real suffering Harlis had already gone through because of his wrongdoings.

Vanity and the desire of showing off play no small part in the wrongdoings of apes and apish men and women.

I have already said, and I repeat, I do not hold myself guiltless of errors, faults and wrongdoings.

Some plays are in the form of confessions of wrongdoings or wrongthinking.