Wronged [verb]

Definition of Wronged:

hurt, mistreat another

Synonyms of Wronged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wronged:

Sentence/Example of Wronged:

Percival confessed to his mother that night that he had wronged Uncle Peter.

And now he considered that mighty self of his insulted as well as wronged.

I shall wrong him less than I should have wronged John Burke.

He moved nearer, and once again he wronged Betty by a mental shrinking.

He is the wronged party in the matter, and we owe him an apology.'

(p. 228) God have mercy on this wronged and slaughtered people.

And did not all this make you think of your poor wife—she whom you had so wronged?

She made it—the woman who wronged you made it to bring death into the Casa del Mare.

To labour, and by the work of his own hands to pay those whom Cleo had wronged!

I think at times that I have been wronged, and then I should like to do something wicked.