Wrongful [adjective]

Definition of Wrongful:

evil, illegal

Synonyms of Wrongful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrongful:

Sentence/Example of Wrongful:

The good Bishop of Montreal absolved her from her wrongful vow.

Any wrongful and direct application of force is redressed by that action.

That is the image of Ægisthus, upon whom vengeance came for the wrongful deed.

He pleaded with them to repent and turn from their wrongful course.

Who seeks to please him in any wrongful way will assuredly succeed.

My rapid and wrongful meditations were cut short in an unexpected way.

For instance, the President changed the words "wrongful" into "hurtful."

But, grant that the means are violent and wrongful, will the end be successful?

The taking must be felonious—that is, taking with a wrongful intent to appropriate the goods of another.

Unless he can by some wild chance prove a wrongful condemnation.