Wrongheaded [adjective]

Definition of Wrongheaded:

antagonistic; opposite

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrongheaded:

Sentence/Example of Wrongheaded:

They might be silly, wrongheaded, unhappy; but naturally evil—no.

We can be wrongheaded and wronghearted, or the reverse, as we ourselves determine.

He is as positive and wrongheaded about this as he is about hunting.

In the ante-room, in a bad light, hangs a characteristic likeness of poor, wrongheaded Barry.

In fact, it would seem to be allowed within philosophical circles that Mill's works are often wrongheaded and unphilosophical.

He had always thought his good cousin a singular man, but he had never thought him a wrongheaded fool till this moment.

At last he called them "wrongheaded asses," flung himself into his boat, and made down the river to Jamestown.

Only somehow it was a difficult point to make clear, if a person was so wrongheaded he couldn't see it for himself.