Wroth [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wroth:

Moreover, as he further bethought him, Agesilaus must needs be wroth with him for his deceit.

Then the peasants trembled, for they knew that Asathor was wroth.

When the King a woke and missed his scabbard, he was wroth, and he asked who had been there.

Then the King was wroth with those sons, and punished them as he thought best.

At this Sir Tristram was wroth, and struck him more furiously.

Be not wroth with my father, for we cannot fight against fate.

Then shall Asmund be wroth and drive Eric from Gudruda's side.

Then was he wroth, and, loosing from him his sledge, he ran after the squirrel.

Having done none of these things, how, then, can the Gods of Egypt be wroth with thee?

So wroth was I that like a fool I determined to attack the whole family of them.