Wrought [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wrought:

They told how Tomo was wrought to a pitch of frenzied interest by this manhunt.

On that foul throng that wrought them wrong—on Jury and on Judge!

Many a dismal and unhappy tale might be wrought out of its other adventures.

The evils which Mammon has wrought Mammon will never remedy.

Now, without warning, a startling transformation was wrought.

At the dread word, a startling change was wrought in the girl.

It is all Hamlet over again, Hamlet wrought up to a higher pitch of intensity.

Education and reflection have, indeed, since wrought a change in my feelings.

They were obliged to say, that these miracles were wrought by witchcraft and the devil.

Nay, it was to be "all wrought out of the carver's brain," and the brain was ready.