Wry [adjective]

Definition of Wry:

sarcastic, distorted

Synonyms of Wry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wry:

Sentence/Example of Wry:

"Oh, I'll apologize," he said with a wry smile of discomfiture.

"She is very like a boiled sole," answered the Vicomte, with a wry face.

Once he raised his head for a moment, while his lips were fixed in a wry smile.

"I've had vague promises from Wilcox," Sira said, with a wry smile.

Wilding looked at Trenchard, who shrugged his shoulders and made a wry face.

"If they've got chocolates in them," he replied with a wry grin, and she laughed.

"Ah, I know it well," said Dalton, with a wry contortion of the face.

At this announcement I saw the four girls pulling a wry face.

Zeb whistled, and then made a wry face on account of the pain in his leg.

"I guess it is not as well as I thought," admitted Armande with a wry smile.