Xylophone [noun]

Definition of Xylophone:

percussion instrument consisting of a series of graduated wooden bars played with small mallets

Synonyms of Xylophone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Xylophone:


Sentence/Example of Xylophone:

A touch like a xylophone player, but he knows how to use his feet.

Just above the portico of his house Billie has his xylophone.

Then it paused, and the sonorous voice of the xylophone spoke to the jungle.

I played a xylophone and a saxophone and an accordion––all sorts of things.

It thrashed its bony arms impatiently and its ribs rattled like a xylophone.

She had never heard such a tattoo, nor seen such a 186 xylophone, nor yet so fine a fellow as Billie.

The orchestra employed is the usual large modern orchestra, with a piccolo, glockenspiel and xylophone.

So they began to cuss, amiable, and throw down dollars on the bar till it sounded like a selection on the xylophone.

When I arrived in my garret I swore I was through and seriously thought of studying the xylophone.

While down in Angola you met the xylophone in the imposing form you can see in the frontispiece to this volume.