Yachting [adjective]

Definition of Yachting:

concerning ships, sea

Synonyms of Yachting:

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Sentence/Example of Yachting:

The author and compiler of this work is the editor of "Yachting."

You say you are going to take her yachting, and that's she's a proud sort.

Surely he was a handsome-looking fellow in his yachting suit.

"Why, I never knew that yachting could be300 so exciting," says Miss Hampton.

Why, no man may know what may go forward in a yachting party.

We were yachting on the Mississippi, and we could not bother with arresting and holding prisoners.

Yachting etiquette doesn't allow a steam-whistle to be sounded in salute.

You ain't one of these yachting dudes—you're a skipper, ain't you?

Tournaments were held for ski, rifle-shooting, yachting, and other sports.

Yachting and canoeing are fine pastimes in this land of waterways.