Yahoos [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Yahoos:

I'd like to meet up with the yahoo that wrote that rank yarn!

As for Mr. Yahoo, she recoiled from him with horror at the very first glance.

My faith in the Yahoo was shaken, and I trembled for my friend.

The mick's a reg'lar Yahoo, can't hardly spell 'is own name.

Sure I knowed the ould Yahoo hadn't the price of a nanny-goat.

Where Guarini depicted a courtesan, Fletcher has painted a yahoo.

In short, I was discreditable and harmless and unlovely as the young Yahoo can be.

Panurge has some Yahooish characteristics, but he is not a Yahoo—in fact, there is no misanthropy in Rabelais.

"We must look devilish serious—no grinning till the proper time," said Yahoo.

Then he gave the Yahoo a miserable pommelling, to be sure; and finished by knocking out five of his front teeth, viz.