Yak [verb]

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He is called "yak" in Tibetan, and the name has been transferred to most European languages.

They may grow so long as to touch the ground as the yak walks.

In Thibet the yak is, perhaps, the most useful animal to be found in the country.

Even the ropes which sustain the tents are made of yak's wool.

Like the European Bison, the skeleton of the Yak has fourteen pairs of ribs.

He told me about going for yak in the snow mountains south of Thibet.

(217 f. 192b) yak qad-i-adm; de Courteille, brasse (fathom).

Our store of yak meat was just at an end when Tundup Sonam killed an antelope.

The hunting tribes pursue the yak, the kiang, and the antelope.

At one of them sat two Tibetans cutting up a yak which had died.