Yammering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Yammering:

"I'd loike to ha' th' first yammer at him," he had said, savagely.

Mrs. Yammer crossed her hands languidly upon her lap and sighed.

If Miss Ross is no feared for her teeth, sighed Mrs. Yammer.

At the memory of Yammer's words, Parker twisted uncomfortably.

It was as if Yammer's face showed in the water into which he thrust the paddle.

To call this little person Mrs. anything, was palpably absurd; yet they had asked for Mrs. Yammer.

Mrs. Yammer, in a much-suffering plaintive voice, immediately began to tell Anne of the palpitations of her heart.

Miss Ross, said Mrs. Yammer, dolorously, I hope yell use the means and get right advice in time.

Ye see, said Mrs. Yammer, following up briskly her unwonted independent movement, we get it atween us.

The yammer of the gun snapped him into action and sent his eyes darting to the cowled nose of the Arado.