Yanked [verb]

Definition of Yanked:

pull hard and fast

Synonyms of Yanked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yanked:


Put in


Sentence/Example of Yanked:

I'm not going to be yanked by you all over the earth, to write news articles on the run!

Tresler seized him by the coat collar and yanked him suddenly upon his feet.

They yanked the chains out of his hands and took after that poet as if he owed 'em something.

Dennison raced to the nearest apartment building and yanked at the door.

He yanked Novak to his feet and shook him as he would a sack of meal.

With all his force Jim yanked Cain over the edge of the boat.

Barrent tried to keep his grip on the arm, but it was yanked away.

He yanked off the cover, losing most of a fingernail in the process, and removed the fuse.

The other cop had yanked out O'Neill's wallet, and now tossed it to Gordon.

As the door shut behind them, Gordon yanked Sheila back to the couch.