Yanking [verb]

Definition of Yanking:

pull hard and fast

Synonyms of Yanking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yanking:


Put in


Sentence/Example of Yanking:

But I'm goin' to thrash this Yank within an inch of his life; see if I don't.

Some one has managed to yank the mule back on her hind quarters.

He figured he had plenty of time because the Yank was crippled.

They had learned from sad experience that any new Yank ship might prove to be deadly.

Without his Yank officer's uniform Stan was at a disadvantage.

"Why didn't you yank the paper, an' we'd a had it," said he.

The first syllable of the word, "Yankee," which is "Yank," is sung to establish the pitch.

The girls were evidently determined that the Yank should not deceive them.

Oh, if only I dared to run in and yank that ladder from under him!

I am jest as able to yank a hawg as ever, sir; yes, sir, demmit—demmit!