Yardstick [noun]

Definition of Yardstick:


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Sentence/Example of Yardstick:

Put the end hole of the yardstick on the nail, as shown in Figure 28.

Put the middle hole of the yardstick over the nail, as is shown in Figure 27.

The holes in the yardstick must be large enough to let the head of this nail through.

Miss Pamela cleared her throat and pointed with the yardstick.

That yardstick keeps all the other fellows at a distance, too.

We'll have Yardstick government then, all the way, and Yardstick law.

Did I want to fall off that yardstick, right into the tolly-blow?

We only want to weigh you, with a yardstick through an old shawl; that's all.

Throw down the yardstick and come out here if you would be men.

This was the yardstick by which all advertising was measured at that time.