Yashmak [noun]

Definition of Yashmak:

covering worn over the head

Synonyms of Yashmak:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yashmak:


Sentence/Example of Yashmak:

"You forget that I do not know the name of the lady in the yashmak," objected Alexander.

I would make a sensation in Bosna-Seraj, I can tell you, attired only in this and a yashmak.

He kissed his mother and then caressed the hair under the cap of the yashmak.

She lowered her yashmak and looked at him with burning eyes.

Here you, my dear, Emruld, put your yashmak up a bit higher.

She wore no yashmak, for Selim, though professing the Moslem faith, was somewhat lax in carrying out its articles.

Its adoption is most probably connected with the Oriental veil or yashmak of the Eastern women.

Which scarce her yashmak serves to hide, see Turkey gliding past.

Their faces are veiled with something like the yashmak of Egypt, but it is of plain blue calico, a little embroidered.

Beside her a tall slender figure, in black tcharchaf and yashmak, made its appearance.