Yawned [verb]

Definition of Yawned:

open mouth wide, usually sign of

Synonyms of Yawned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yawned:

Sentence/Example of Yawned:

They passed a frowzy chambermaid, who stared at them with a yawn.

We lightly debate, we hesitate, we yawn, unconscious of the brink.

"The most agreeable house to me now is my own," I said, with a yawn, and I got up to go.

And for many a cause for which men have suffered and died, posterity has but a yawn.

It was only half-past ten when she forced a yawn and asked him to get her a taxi.

Malcolm did not seem to find the topic interesting, for he smothered a yawn.

"That's not a thing for Peer," said Ferdinand, rising and lifting his hand to hide a yawn.

“Oh, there are exceptions to that rule,” said Kate lazily, with a yawn.

“In that case, it is time for me to retire,” returned the master, with a yawn.

No matter what you did, they'd lay it to concealed wires, and yawn.