Yawp [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Yawp:

Hear him for his cause, and 'hold your yawp,' till he has said what he has got to say.

Dont let me hear of you opening your yawp the way you did just now.

You'd keep that yawp o' your'n goin', I believe, if it was the judgment day.

They can yawp and chortle and call me Skyrider as if it was a joke.

From his raggedly whiskered lips burst a growl and a yawp which, too late, he regretted.

Don't be in a hurry to let out a yawp; if dere's any hollerin' to be done, I'll take charge of it.

You know we agreed it was none of our business whether a peacock on the lawn or a dog in his kennel let out that yawp.

Now they have shut up their yawp about him, since he has proved to be no better than Talmage or Beecher.

An' with that the consarn gin sech a yawp, it plumb went through my haid.

It thus becomes an inarticulate patriotic "yawp," of tremendous ear-splitting power.