Yay [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Yay:

He did so, and when he reached the bottom he found the yay there awaiting him.

At this moment a shout was heard from the alley, "Yay, Penrod!"

Ickle bother can't say nuffin, without me to sow him the yay of it.

Today Yay Nuni was granted an allowance of 15 laks from Parsarr,2668 made to put on a dress of honour, and given his leave.

"Yay," sed the Shaker, and he led the way into the house, another Shaker bein sent to put my hosses and waggin under kiver.

"Yay; I hear both on ye," said the gentle old mother with a half smile.

As he lifted his foot to take the last step he closed his eyes, as the yay had bidden him.

At the bottom of the valley they came to a great hole in the ground; the yay pointed in and again led the way.

The yay spoke not a word, but pointed down into the valley and led the way thither.

Then the yay showed him the shortest road to take and bade him return to his people.