Yearned [verb]

Definition of Yearned:

desire strongly

Synonyms of Yearned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yearned:

Sentence/Example of Yearned:

I like to have a chance of refusing an invitation I yearn for, and then be forced to accept.

Others may yearn for the strenuous life, but not your humble servant.

She yearned as only a mother can yearn for the warm caresses of her children.

He had yearned for it, as a child might yearn for a plaything.

If it should not lead to something further; but I do yearn to repay her.

But none of them approached him closely, yearn as he might for welcome from them, his familiars.

They are transient things, I yearn for the Immortal state, Nirvana.

James and John, those Sons of Thunder, were so resentful as to yearn for vengeance.

Your 'gift,' your genius, is yourself, and it's because it's yourself that I yearn for you.

How often, during my ministry, did I yearn to be able to utter that emphatic word!