Yearningly [adverb]

Definition of Yearningly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Yearningly:


Sentence/Example of Yearningly:

Helen looked up and caught the eyes so yearningly regarding her.

I had feared that the yearningly inquisitive Sarah might also be there.

He must go with us—Jimmy,” broke out Helena yearningly: “and so must you.

She watched him yearningly until he felt her gaze and looked at her.

He slipped an arm around her yearningly, and then the storm within her broke.

Yearningly then, and only when it had done so, Miss Cutter took up the money.

She held the lapels of his coat and looked tenderly, yearningly, in his face.

She did wish he would not look at her—was it wistfully, yearningly or what?

Her trembling hands were stretched out before her yearningly.

She turned her head toward him longingly, yearningly, with heaving breast.