Yeast [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Yeast:

If you use fruit, put in half a wine glass more of the yeast.

Let it stand till it becomes only milk-warm, and then stir in the yeast.

If the yeast is stirred in while the liquor is too warm, it will be likely to turn sour.

Make the milk tepid, and mix smoothly with the German yeast.

Mix the yeast smoothly with the milk, which should be made tepid.

Then mix it smoothly with the yeast, and stir it into the household flour.

Serve with carrots and turnips, and yeast, Norfolk, or suet dumplings.

Melt a pound of butter in half a pint of milk; mix it into two pounds of flour, eight eggs, and four spoonfuls of yeast.

Melt a quarter of a pound of butter in a quarter of a pint of milk, and strain into it two spoonfuls of yeast and two eggs.

The water to be used should be lukewarm in summer, and in very cold weather it must be hot, but not so as to scald the yeast.