Yeasty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Yeasty:

They are the dough, and they dislike that yeasty stuff of life which comes and works about in them.

What awakening, what striving with tears, what working of a yeasty conscience!

We wheeled away to the right, and splashed into yeasty froth.

The Nadine's rockets had burned away the yeasty soil when she came to ground.

At length the head assumes a yeasty appearance, the colour becomes yellowish brown, and a vinous odour is developed.

Presently we were at its edge, one long whirl of yeasty falls and brown rapids.

Up to twenty a boy's years were kind of yeasty and uncertain, and if he was any way self-headed he ought to be left to run.

In fact, he was so winded that he hardly knew when he dipped his blade in the yeasty water, or drew it quaveringly toward him.

But Bradish clung to the gunwale of the long-boat and stared out at the yeasty waves, blinking his eyes.

At last, near the horizon's rim, he spied a yeasty tumult of the sea, marking some obstruction at which the waves were tussling.