Yelled [noun]

Definition of Yelled:

loud communication

Synonyms of Yelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yelled:

Sentence/Example of Yelled:

The pursuers lost ground; they stopped and yelled for horses.

Again he yelled, and as he did so, he struck his heels upon the floor and spun around.

"No, I hadn't," yelled Mr. P., as the horse commenced to run.

She yelled; and the knights, laughing, took the lout, And thrust him from the gate.

Then I turned and yelled and yelled and yelled again at the forest.

We scrambled on the bus and as it pulled away Danny yelled "Hey, Buster, look!"

Caradoc leaned over to Madden and yelled something at the top of his voice.

The second day out some one leaned over and touched him and yelled.

She had a good back; it made them all the better friends when they yelled together.

I yelled, hangin' to the steerin' oar and keepin' the ark runnin' afore the wind.