Yells [noun]

Definition of Yells:

loud communication

Synonyms of Yells:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yells:

Sentence/Example of Yells:

He was on the point of seating himself when he heard Will's yell.

Regardless of possibly near-by elk, I raised a frightened, yell.

The real rustic does utter a yell of joy at the sight of a Bayswater omnibus.

He could not imagine why some workman did not leap out, seize his arm and yell "Spy!"

Accusation summarised by other Members with yell of "Coward!"

They had ridden another hundred yards when a yell echoed in the cañon.

He gave a yell and jumped erbout five feet, but it was too late to jump.

Jonadab's idea of talkin' to furriners is to yell at 'em as if they was stone deef.

Don't begin to yell or we'll have that hen convention in the parlor down on us.

The yell died away to a gurgle, pinched short by the Winslow fingers.