Yelped [noun]

Definition of Yelped:

short, high cry

Synonyms of Yelped:








Opposite/Antonyms of Yelped:


Sentence/Example of Yelped:

Instead he yelped again and capered with the grace of a cow.

The witch howled, squealed, yelped like a dog, and fled away.

But the next instant Captain Wass yelped a shout of angry alarm.

Fido, with burning eyes and distended jaws, ran and yelped as if he were mad.

The dogs were so startled that they yelped and rolled over on the floor.

But she was so scared that she yelped as though the claws of both cats had torn her.

As soon as the dog finished one piece he yelped for the next.

The dog, scrambling up and falling in its seat, yelped madly.

Then he let me go and stood looking at me as I rolled on the ground and yelped in agony.

He yelped as they tore his coat and scratched his face, but he kept on.