Yet [adverb]

Definition of Yet:

up until now

Synonyms of Yet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yet:


Sentence/Example of Yet:

A fool, for example, thinks Shakespeare a great poet-yet the fool has never read Shakespeare.

He showed none of the diffidence of the not-yet-accepted lover, eager to please, anxious about the future.

And then he proceeded to descend from what he had called the rarefied atmosphere with the speed of a yet-unopened parachute.

Then came the beating drum of intelligence, the radiation of its yet-uncontrolled thoughts.

Was Panek—and through him this as-yet-unmet leader—behind that attempt on Abrams' life?

Vilayet, vil-a-yet′, n. the name given to the great provinces into which the Ottoman empire is divided.

Later, he asks the waitress down to the Rodeo Eatin' House, while he's waitin' for his train, for a serve-yet.

But now, so that Adam may not see us, we shall step five minutes into what-is-yet-to-be.

Practically none of the not-yet-maturing boys survived and few of the almost mature.

In a yet-sealed compartment, a power system exploded with a great, blinding, soundless flash.