Yoked [verb]

Definition of Yoked:

bond together; join

Synonyms of Yoked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yoked:

Sentence/Example of Yoked:

I have been yoked to my push-cart by the immortal gods; and soon my turn and trial will end.

And after the marriage his steeds were yoked and they set out for Babylon.

And when he had all he needed, the steeds were yoked, and he set off.

Sometimes they were yoked with a goose-yoke made of a shingle with a hole in it.

Tiresias came next, in a basalt chariot, yoked to royal steeds.

It was all the same to Adam whether "Buck" was yoked to the beam or the scratcher.

The princess then yoked up the mules and they started for home.

Forthwith they yoked their oxen and mules and gathered together before the city.

With this he yoked his fleet horses, with hoofs of bronze and manes of glittering gold.

At the last words, they came side by side, as if yoked in a chariot.