Yokel [noun]

Definition of Yokel:

person who is mired in local custom

Synonyms of Yokel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Yokel:


Sentence/Example of Yokel:

I have a notion that I sat there staring and listening like a yokel at a play.

This man was a yokel of no interest to us, apart from this one episode in his career.

Thebold had been chagrined at learning that Don Cort was not the yokel he had taken him for.

This yokel from the woods and mountains needed a little coaxing.

It is the militia-man, the yokel, standing facing the captain and gesticulating at him.

McAllister hastily tried to assume the expression and manner of a yokel.

Tristrem looked at him much as a yokel at a fair might look at a wizard.

If that isn't a Zummerset or Devon yokel, sink me for a landlubber!

They are as unpardonable as the yokel rhetoric of our British friends.

The yokel was a year or two older, was taller, and stones heavier.