Youngster [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Youngster:

But now, youngster, I have answered you freely, and I trow it is time that you answered me.

"But they are true, old Nonesuch," said the youngster sadly.

"And at last he was crowned emperor," suggested the youngster.

The youngster had a way of stopping for no reason whatever and just standing there.

And all the better, I dare say, for the thrashing he got when a youngster, from the Vermont tailor.

It is true that I ran away from my mother when a youngster, and thought little of it!

It wasn't so very many years, you see, since he had been a youngster himself!

He resented it in this youngster who had fought so gamely with death.

But I took you for a youngster, you know, a regular ten-year-old runaway.

Up till then he had tolerated the youngster without all that fuss.