Youthfulness [noun]

Definition of Youthfulness:

beginning; spring

Synonyms of Youthfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Youthfulness:

Sentence/Example of Youthfulness:

I must say again that I heartily admire your gallantry and youthfulness.

Somehow that accusation of youthfulness was the spur that drove Patricia to victory.

But it is doubtful if in his youthfulness it affected him more than a novelty.

But there was a sort of freshness and naivete and youthfulness about her which made him use that adjective.

Her prettiness is of the prettiest kind—that of which the chief character is youthfulness.

No, the morning light had touched their foreheads: the youthfulness was in them.

There's a youthfulness and freshness about her, which render her doubly attractive.'

She related others, and that with a renewal of grace, youthfulness, and wit.

Miss Gardner only smiled encouragingly at her youthfulness. '

But it is in the music-hall, as I have said, that I am most impressed with the youthfulness of man.