Youths [noun]

Definition of Youths:

person before the age of maturity

Synonyms of Youths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Youths:


Sentence/Example of Youths:

The two youths jumped with all their strength to reach the departing galley.

One of these youths, fancying himself a mimic, had imitated the Moslems.

The youths, gripping tightly their rifles and muskets, waited.

Homer pictures the youths and the maidens pressing the vines together.

Most of them were Shopton youths, but some, evidently, were strangers in town.

I turned to Menexenus, and said: Son of Demophon, which of you two youths is the elder?

But why, instead of consulting us, do you not consult our friend Socrates about the education of the youths?

And are you ready to give assistance in the improvement of the youths?

Let us then, regardless of what may be said of us, make the education of the youths our own education.

Before him the stars, represented as youths, plunge into the water.