Zoo [noun]

Definition of Zoo:

parklike area in where animals are housed for exhibition

Synonyms of Zoo:

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Sentence/Example of Zoo:

I knew there was a big menagerie there, Cross's Zoo, and that I should find some lions for sale.

The zoo attendants might talk and entirely spoil their scheme.

"I've been to the zoo lots of times," she said to the girl next to her.

They say there is a country where the elephants are wild,And never even heard of our Zoo.

Has the reader ever visited that famous resort of youth, the Zoo?

Let him do this two or three times, not more, before he goes to the Zoo.

There was one in the Zoo in London, with just her expression.

His Fellowship of the Zoo is typified by pictures of various animals.

Yes,” said Dyke, “we are going to try and get them to England as a present for the Zoo.

Guess I'll have to wait till they auction off some of the animals in the Washington zoo.