Zoological [adjective]

Definition of Zoological:

beastlike; carnal

Synonyms of Zoological:

Opposite/Antonyms of Zoological:



Sentence/Example of Zoological:

He is a zoological fact, with his parallel in every herd of prairie dogs.

Zoological morphology is the doctrine of animal form or structure.

His zoological information is, so far, knowledge and not mere hear-say.

They had gone to the Zoological Gardens, and would not be back till late.

Take a trip to the Zoological Gardens and see these animals.

Why are some of the buildings in the Zoological Gardens so warm?

Did they take her very often to the Museum or the Zoological Gardens?

Man is still an animal, subject to zoological as well as mechanical laws.

Reproductive organs not subject to disease in Zoological Garden.

It has been introduced into very few of the zoological collections of Europe.